How to push your 
notification strategy further

Push notification best practices for publishers

In this webinar, Content Strategist Thomas Cox will interview Machine Learning expert and Data Analyst Pol Blasco to reveal best practices that publishers need for an effective push notification strategy.

From the optimum delivery times and message intensity to the effect of providing personal, recommended content, this webinar will give you everything required to optimize your strategy.

They will also reveal the experiments across 5 million notifications that led to the creation of Marfeel’s push notification engine - which is delivering up to 25% increased traffic as part of Marfeel’s 360° mobile solution.  

Key takeaways:

  • Tactics to optimize push notification performance

  • How to make your stories stand out for your audience

  • A new metric to measure entire push notification strategies, not just clicks

Now that you have a solid monetization strategy, discover how to optimize for mobile.


Marfeel 2018

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On-demand webinar

Pol Blasco

Thomas Cox

Machine Learning Data Analyst

Content Strategist

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