Ad stack optimization: 
The latest in Header Bidding

If 2018 was the year of standardized header bidding solutions, then 2019 is about header bidding optimization.

Open-source wrapper Prebid is developing into more than a programmatic demand script – it's becoming the glue between a publisher's page and many of their programmatic features.

This exclusive webinar features two of Prebid's key leaders, including chair Alexandra Smith. We will explore new developments from Prebid, key challenges, and the impact on advertisers and publishers alike.

We will be covering:

  • How server-side header bidding reduces ad latency and improves site performance without sacrificing demand

  • How Prebid are tackling emerging formats such as app and video

  • Actionable practices for publishers to implement desktop header bidding

  • How unified pricing will impact publishers

Now that you have a solid monetization strategy, discover how to optimize for mobile.


Marfeel 2018

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On-demand webinar

Lucas Isern

Alexandra Smith

Head of Product Management

Product Manager

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