Fast ads: How to accelerate ad delivery for increased revenue

How should publishers tackle issues with ad latency and viewability?

53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. However, if your website is outspeeding your ads, you're leaving revenue behind. 

This webinar will reveal a landmark project that could change the way publishers consider ad speed, and give you takeaways to optimize your ad strategy. 

Marfeel’s experimentation with ‘time to first ad impression’ has decreased the loading time of the first ad impression by 66%, leading to up to a 10% increase in revenue for our partners.  

What will publishers take away from the webinar? 

  • A publisher case study demonstrating the impact of the project.  

  • Strategies that increased ad viewability to 70% on strong connections, topping the industry benchmark of 55. 

  • How Marfeel halved the monetization code, increasing site-wide lighthouse scores. 

Now that you have a solid monetization strategy, discover how to optimize for mobile.


Marfeel 2018

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Lucas Isern

Thomas Cox

Head of Product Management

Content Strategist

Marfeel is a publisher platform delivering over 700,000,000 monthly sessions using industry-leading programmatic and page performance technology. 

Through research and experimentation, we examine the technologies and strategies used by digital publishers to maximize our platform for speed, engagement, and ad revenue.