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high-value push notifications

A data-backed white paper focused on increasing publisher readership.

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Know the value of your push notifications.

The success or failure of push notifications is too frequently attributed to the wrong metric. Focusing on vanity metrics-such as click-through rates-prevents publishers from optimizing strategies for increased readership and long-term value.

In this white paper, we have developed a series of strategies to optimize for a new metric. Subscriber Lifetime Value (SLTV) measures the net increase in traffic and value from entire push notification strategies.

Using this as a benchmark to test push notification strategies, we increased SLTV by up to 40%. 

5+ Million push notifications analyzed

500,000+ subscribers tested

40% increase in subscriber lifetime value generated

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What’s inside the white paper?

A new, isolated metric for digital publishers

SLTV (Subscriber Lifetime Value) demonstrates the net gain in readership generated and the increase in traffic created through push notifications. We define how to measure this value, and how to optimize your strategy to maximize it. 

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Marfeel is an ad tech platform for publishers and bloggers. Through research and experimentation, we examine the technologies and strategies used by digital publishers to maximize our platform for the following factors.


Deliver a flawlessly fast mobile experience

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The experiments that led to a strategic framework

We tested over 5 million push notifications across Android devices from major publishers all over the world. These included testing delivery times, push notification intensity, & the effect of sending personalized articles based on reader behavior.

The MarfeelPush automated engine

We ran our experiments with the purpose of optimizing the strategy of a new automatic push notification feature—MarfeelPush. This whitepaper demonstrates our decision-making framework when building this automated feature, which continues to evolve.


Reach your audience and keep them on your mobile site for longer 

Ad Revenue

Earn more ad revenue with a suite of monetization tools

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