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Marfeel 2018

The game plan for mobile monetization performance.

Don’t despair, brave mobile publisher! The imminent demise of the third-party tracking cookie, and new technology that enhances mobile site speed and ad delivery is set to revitalize publishers and maximize mobile web revenue opportunities.

Of course, it won’t be simple. A mobile web monetization strategy is about the bigger picture—a coordinated effort around several distinct digital publishing areas.

This playbook, created in partnership with Admonsters, will dive into the nuances of each of these areas, illustrate how they are interconnected, and assist you in making your mobile web performance the best it can be. 

In the guide you will learn:

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How to improve mobile website performance
How to maximize advertising viewability
How to optimize a quality programmatic tech stack

About the latest audience targeting solutions

Mastering the
Mobile Web


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